Flight Plan (WMV)

Flight Plan (WMV)
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Paige & Becky
30 mins - 601.7 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Paige is an air stewardess who is just leaving the house to go to work. As she climbs into her car, a woman leans over from the back seat and presses a cloth to her nose and mouth. Paige fights, but she is forced to inhale. Her eyelids flutter and roll and she soon sinks to the floor. The woman, Becky, drags her from the car and back into the house where she proceeds to remove Paige's uniform, donning it herself. Becky is a member of a terror group who plan to blow up a plane, and the uniform will give Becky access to the aircraft. She leaves Paige tied up and gagged wearing just her panties, taking Paige's car to drive to the airport. After Becky's departure, Paige works frantically to get out of the ropes binding her to the chair. She eventually succeeds and runs to the phone to call the authorities, to warn them of the danger. The phone has no dialing tone - Becky must have cut the line. Paige is wondering what to do when she sees her car coming down the driveway - Becky has returned! With no time to get dressed, Paige hides in the kitchen clutching a vase, and when Becky enters she hits the girl over the head with it. She strips her uniform off Becky, leaving the girl totally naked before tying her up in a hogtie, then gagging her by wrapping duct tape right around her head. After finding her cellphone in her car, she calls for help and then sits on the chair to which she had been tied, watching a helpless Becky struggling at her feet as they await the arrival of the authorities.