Foreclosure (WMV)

Foreclosure (WMV)
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Lily, Carissa, Melanie, Madison & Tina
31 mins - 734.6 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Lily's husband has left her and she has been unable to meet mortgage payments alone. The mortgage company is foreclosing on her home and two representatives from the bank have come to talk to her because she has not been returning their calls. They explain that real estate agents will be arriving shortly to appraise the house for sale. The two bank employees practically force their way into the house, and Lily, furious and at the end of her fuse, holds them at gunpoint. The frightened women try to reason with her, but Lily is having none of it. She forces one woman to tie up the other in a hogtie on the floor, then she sets about securing the second woman to a chair. She gags them both with duct tape to shut them up, telling them: "I'm in charge!" Lily then awaits the arrival of the real estate agents. When they show up, Lily holds them at gun point too and again, makes one woman tie up the second. Lily then finishes the job by tying up the fourth woman, then binding the two real estate agents back to back. After a little thought, Lily decides that she will have to dispose of them all, and starts by freeing the woman on the chair, leaving her wrists and ankles bound and the duct tape firmly over her mouth, then pick picks up the woman and carries her out to her car. By the time she comes back for her next victim, the remaining three women have managed to get free and they jump Lily.