Modelling Job Gone Bad (WMV)

Modelling Job Gone Bad (WMV)
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Time: 20 minutes 27 seconds - 303.0 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Cheyenne has turned up for a job modelling a Wonder Woman outfit, excepting only for the photographer to take photographs and perhaps a little video. He offers her a bottle of water to drink and she sips at it before getting started. In no time at all she starts feeling dizzy, and after fighting this feeling for a minute or two, she drops to the floor. When she comes to, she finds herself tied up in a hogtie. She squirms and fights, demanding to know what is going on, but the photographer soon gags her to keep her quiet. Cheyenne cannot escape from her bonds, but she does manage to loosen the rope holding her in the hog tie, leaving the photographer no choice but to coil some more rope between her wrists and ankles to keep her secure. Cheyenne has told him that a friend knows where she is and that the friend will call the police when she does not get in touch. The photographer therefore decides that he will have to move her to another location. He cuts the rope connecting her wrists and ankles, then lifts her over his shoulder and carries her out to her own car. He sits her in the driver's side and tells her to scoot over onto the passenger's seat. He then ties Cheyenne's legs together again and attached her seatbelt to keep her in place.