Moment of Revelation (MP4) - Kate Winters

Moment of Revelation (MP4) - Kate Winters
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Kate Winters
9 minutes 51 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps bitrate - MP4: 379.7 MB

No cellphone signal; no way to navigate. Kate is lost; totally lost. As a last resort, she knocks on the door of a remote house to ask for directions. The man who answers looks vaguely familiar but she ignores that at first, asking for help. When she does remark on how familiar the man seems, she asks if he has appeared on television. He answers "sometimes." Kate asks: "Are you an anchor or something?" When the man says no, Kate has a moment of revelation. Now she knows where she has seen this man. She tries to act as if she has not suddenly worked out who he is and turns the leave. Before she can reach her car, however, a small dart stabs her in the butt and she staggers. She limps on towards her car and even manages to get the driver's door open, but then the world spins and she drops to the ground. When she recovers, she finds her wrists tied together behind her back, rope tied just above her elbows and rope tied around her ankles. A cleave gag is in her mouth and the man is looming over her. "It's a pity you recognized me," he says quietly, the softness of his voice menacing in its way. When he leaves the room, Kate makes a desperate attempt to escape. Still bound and gagged, she slides herself across the floor and down some steps to the front door. She manages to get it open, and after nearly falling, negotiates some more steps outside. Now she is on her way to her car, climbs into the driver's seat, and desperately tries to start the car with her hands bound together behind her back. There is no way she can drive like this. She screams through her gag as she finally accepts that she is not going to escape.