Moment of Crisis (MP4) - Vivian & Veronica Pierce

Moment of Crisis (MP4) - Vivian & Veronica Pierce
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Vivian & Veronica Pierce
24 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - 4.5 Mbps bitrate - MP4: 927.6 MB

Vivian and Veronica are two IRS agents who are paying a visit to Mr North who, it seems, has not only failed file his tax returns, but has ignored requests to bring that paperwork to the tax offices. The women are now demanding that he hand over the paperwork or they will be compelled to involve the police and have him arrested. North is facing a moment of crisis. Should he hand over the paperwork and have them discover his misdealings, or should he take control of the situation? He decides on the latter course of action and holds up the two women. They promptly raise their hands, aware that they are dealing with someone who is unstable. They can do nothing as he ties them both up, placing them in hogties on the floor and gagging them to keep them quiet while he decides how to handle the situation. The women struggle desperately in his absence and even making a tiny bit of progress with the ropes, but they are far from freeing themselves when North returns and tells they they are going to be transported to somewhere very remote and quiet where they will meet their fate. He marches them out to a car, each woman with her wrists taped together behind her back. He makes them climb into the back seat and sets about taping their legs to prevent them making a run for it. They are silenced again, this time with duct tape wrapped around their heads and sealing their mouths shut. North leaves them to struggle while he arranges for a driver to take them away.