Nikki Can't Escape (MP4) - Nikki Brooks

Nikki Can't Escape (MP4) - Nikki Brooks
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Nikki Brooks
12 minutes 05 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - MP4: 465.8 MB

Nikki is tied up with thick rope, a type of rope that does not easily yield. Her wrists are tightly bound and the knot tying off that wrist rope is buried under several more layers, completely out of her reach. Nikki initially calls out for attention, but this does not help her when her captor arrives to torment her, and gag her to keep her quiet. He pulls up the hem of Nikki's dress, revealing more of her thighs as she struggles, unable to stop him. Left alone again, she tries desperately to free herself, but she just can't reach any of the knots and the rope is too tightly tied for her to simply wriggle out of her bonds. Gradually, Nikki exhausts herself and lies there trapped, her limbs already aching for her struggles.