Matter of Principal (WMV)

Matter of Principal (WMV)
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28 mins - 582.8 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels) - Constance, Briella & Kylee

Vice-Principal Kylee Henshaw has been collecting evidence regarding a gang of students at her school, storing it on her laptop. The ring-leaders are Constance and Briella, and aware of the VP's interest in them, they break into her home to find the laptop - they want to see what evidence the VP has and then destroy it. Before they find the laptop, however, Kylee arrives home and the girls hide. When she discovers them, they attack her and tie her up, finding the laptop in the process. They leave Kylee to struggle in her bedroom while they go through to the living room to look at what the VP has go on them. They don't expect Kylee to get free, so when she comes through and holds them up, they are not prepared. Kylee makes Briella tie up Constance, then she ties Briella. She concludes by gagging the girls and tying their knees together to restrict their movements. Left alone, the girls struggle to get free. They fall onto the floor and finally manage to get the rope off their knees. They now try to hop away from the house where they will continue to untie one another, but before they can reach the front door, Principal Henshaw arrives and demands to know what is going on.