No Fly Zone (WMV)

No Fly Zone (WMV)
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Keri & Jamie
21 mins - 495.1 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Keri and Jamie are two flight attendants who share a house, and they're getting ready for work. It's almost time to leave and they put the finishing touches to their makeup. Suddenly, Keri hears a noise somewhere else in the house and goes to investigate. She finds the back door wide open and assumes this was the source of the sound she heard. Thinking the wind must have done this she closes the door and locks it without any suspicion that something might be wrong, not until a cloth is pressed over her nose and mouth. She fights against her attacker but soon sinks to the floor. The intruder quickly secures her with zip ties. In the bathroom, Jamie calls out to Keri, saying that they have to leave. When she gets no reply, she walks through the house and discovers Keri tied up on the floor. She rushes to help her friend, unaware that the intruder is creeping up behind her. She too gets the cloth pressed over her nose and mouth and in a matter of seconds she has slipped down to join her friend on the floor, her head resting on Keri's bound legs. When Keri recovers, she sees the intruder tying up Jamie and demands to know what is going on. She calls to Jamie, trying to wake her until the intruder cleave gags her. She she still won't shut up, he applies the cloth to her nose and mouth once more. In a while, Jamie comes to and starts to struggle. She sees her friend tied to a chair as she herself is being placed in a very tight hogtie. The intruder gags her too and then leaves the women trapped. The two girls try their best to free one another. Keri struggles so hard to move her chair that she tips it over and ends up on the floor beside Jamie. Keri, whose wrists and ankles are secured with zip ties, can't get free. Secured in such a tight hogtie, Jamie can't make any progress either. Clearly, they won't be flying anywhere today.