Night Stalker (WMV)

Night Stalker (WMV)
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Amber & Lily
16 mins - 239.3 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Lily and Amber are peacefully asleep in bed. Amber has to get up to use the bathroom, and while she is gone a stalker creeps over to the bed and presses a cloth over Lily's face, knocking her out. When Amber returns she does not notice anything wrong, not until she is about to climb back into bed and feels the stalker cover her nose and mouth too. She passes out alongside her friend. By the time the girls wake up it is morning, and they are greeted by the realization that they are bound and gagged, Lily on the bed and Amber on the floor. Amber attempts to get up onto the bed, and when she fails Lily slides over the floor. The girls then spend a long time trying to untie the countless knots binding their wrists and ankles.