Mai Ly Collection 1 (WMV; zip file)

Mai Ly Collection 1 (WMV; zip file)
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Mai Ly (with Jasmine, Kelli & Tia)
66 mins - 1,570.0 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Three of our popular clips featuring Mai Ly who has since retired from the world of bondage. She is seen here in the company of Jasmine, Kelli, and (via green screen trickery) Tia. The clips play in the order shown and run collectively for almost one and a half hours. Lots of bondage with some fights thrown in. Lots of fun!

Assassin (with Jasmine)
A judge is presiding over a case where the district attorney is prosecuting the head of a dangerous criminal gang. Rumour has it that the magistrate is leaning in favour of a conviction and is expected to lead the jury in that direction during his summing up. The only way to stop this happening is for the magistrate to just "disappear". The gang leader sends assassin Mai Ly to the judge's house where she lies in wait for his return, ready to carry out her assignment. When the judge's daughter Jasmine arrives home unexpectedly, Mai Ly has to improvise to deal with the situation. She overpowers the surprised Jasmine and ties her up to keep her out of the way. Jasmine is able to escape from her bonds and attacks Mai Ly with a broom handle. After a brief but intense fight, Jasmine lands a lucky blow and Mai Ly is rendered senseless. She wakes to find Jasmine tying her to a chair. That's when the judge walks in and all hope is lost for the assassin.

Two For Dubai (with Jasmine)
Vietnamese girl Mai Ly is just starting the engine of her car to go out when a man appears behind her seat and presses presses a chloroform-soaked cloth over her mouth and nose. Once Mai Ly is insensible, the man lifts her out of her vehicle and carries her back to the house where he ties her up with rope, securing her in a hogtie to stop her moving around. Mai Ly comes to just before the tying is finished and starts to struggle and shout, but the man can't understand a word she is saying - she knows no English and speaks only Vietnamese. This is not a problem, he decides; in fact, it might even get him a higher price for her. To stop her making so much noise, her abductor stuffs a cloth into Mai Ly's mouth and wraps duct tape around her head, preventing her from spitting it out. He has no sooner finished securing his prisoner when his step daughter Jasmine pays him an unexpected visit.

Smuggling Stewardess 2 (with Kelli & Tia)
In the first story, Asian air stewardess Tia was captured by Kelli when she decided to try increasing her cut of the diamond smuggling operation she was involved in. Kelli calls her boss who tells her to bring Tia to him so that he can make her talk and subsequently sell her to the highest bidder. This clip begins where Tia is lifted and carried from Kelli's car by her boss. He ties Tia to a pole in his basement, asking her if she has ever been to Dubai and telling her that she will be going there very soon. Several days later, Kelli has just finished packing away her Halloween decorations when a knock comes on the door. She opens it to find another air stewardess, this one named Mai Ly. It seems that she is Tia's friend and that Tia confided in Mai Ly about her smuggling activities, and also where she was going to negotiate a better deal. At first Kelli is welcoming, admitting that she did see Tia several days earlier but says that the girl left after a short stay and has not been back. Mai Ly does not believe this and threatens to call the police. Kelli tells her to go ahead as if she has nothing to hide, but as soon as Mai Ly's back is turned, Kelli grabs her, drags the girl away from her phone and ties her up.