She Thought She'd Got Away With It (WMV)

She Thought She'd Got Away With It (WMV)
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Tara & Constance
18 minutes 48 seconds - 586.9 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Tara is an employee in a bank that committed a fraud to steal money. She did it so well that nobody even suspected her. But, two months later on a Friday morning, she receives a pack with a pair of handcuffs, ropes and a letter informing her that I know everything about what you did. If you don't want me to talk to the police, you'll follow my instructions to the letter. This evening, at eight, I want you to gag yourself and then tie yourself up with the zip ties, hands behind your back. If if find you have not followed these instructions when I arriv, you will be going for a ride in a police cruiser tonight." Tara is afraid but feels she has no choice if she wants to stay out of prison. At eight, she ties herself up and then waits. Soon afterwards, the front door opens. Constance, one of her colleagues from work, enters. Tara tries to speak through her gag but Constance cannot understand her. Constance says that she has always liked Tara, and now she plans to spend the weekend with her. Naturally, she will be tied up the entire time. "But don't worry. I'll feed you and let you use the bathroom when you need to." She then sets about adding more zip ties to Tara's limbs, restraining her even more tightly until she can hardly move.