Assassin (WMV)

Assassin (WMV)
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Mai Ly & Jasmine

20 mins  -  412.3 MB  -  HD (16x9)

A judge is presiding over a case where the district attorney is prosecuting the head of a dangerous criminal gang. Rumour has it that the magistrate is leaning in favour of a conviction and is expected to lead the jury in that direction during his summing up. The only way to stop this happening is for the magistrate to just "disappear". The gang leader sends assassin Mai Ly to the judge's house where she lies in wait for his return, ready to carry out her assignment. When the judge's daughter Jasmine arrives home unexpectedly, Mai Ly has to improvise to deal with the situation. She overpowers the surprised Jasmine and ties her up to keep her out of the way. Jasmine is able to escape from her bonds and attacks Mai Ly with a broom handle. After a brief but intense fight, Jasmine lands a lucky blow and Mai Ly is rendered senseless. She wakes to find Jasmine tying her to a chair. That's when the judge walks in and all hope is lost for the assassin.