Just Cadence - set of six movies

Just Cadence - set of six movies
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Cadence Lux Set

67 minutes 45 seconds

These videos were produced during the period 2014-2018. Enjoy watching poor Cadence struggle in a number of dire situations.

1. Blonde Assassin
Cadence is an assassin who has been tired to take out some trash in the form of Dave King, head of a drug cartel and a target for his competitors. Cadence, dressed in street clothes to blend in, enters Dave's house through the basement and ascends the stairs. She looks around as she goes but fails to spot him hiding in a recess. He sneaks up behind Cadence and disarms her. Partly for the fun of it and partly to check her for any concealed items, he orders Cadence to take off her clothes. Cadence wants to argue with him but he has her covered and she knows he won't hesitate to dispatch her, so she strip until she stands before him naked. He makes her kneel down then locks a pair of handcuffs on her wrists. He then fores her down onto the floor and zip ties her ankles, using a second zip tie to connect ankles and cuffs until Cadence is trapped in a tight hogtie. No longer willing to listen to what she has to say, Dave gags the girl with duct tape and then departs to make arrangements for her removal, leaving Cadence to struggle helplessly in her inescapable bondage.

2. Excerpt from The Binder's Apprentice: Part 3
When Cadence arrives for work on her second day, she enters to find Boyle not dressed in his suit but in a black commando-looking outfit with heavy boots. She asks what is going on, and he says that he knows what is going on, that she is a cop trying to entrap him. He holds Cadence up and makes her change out of her clothes into a dress he has selected for her. Cadence has no choice but to obey. The change complete, Boyle, now in his role of the Binder's Apprentice, makes her lay down on the floor where he ties her up and places her in a hogtie. He cleave gags her with a red cloth, matching the colour of her dress, then tells her he has a client to see, and that he'll be back to deal with her later. Left alone, Cadence spends a lot of time trying to get free but without success. After lying there trapped for hours, she finally hears someone coming. It is not the Binder's Apprentice, but Autumn and Laci who have grown worried about her and come to check up on how she is doing. Autumn removes Cadence's gag, and Cadence asks the two women to untie her quickly because they have to get out of there before the Binder's Apprentice comes back. The girls have barely started loosening the ropes when they hear the sound of a door opening and closing.

3. Snip & Rip
Cadence is standing in a grimy old garage, her wrists handcuffs above her head and a gag in her mouth. She has no idea how she got there; the last thing she remembers is being at a party and drinking something that tasted a little strange... then waking up here. She struggles, knowing that there is no way out of the tightly-closed handcuffs. Her level of alarm increases when a masked man enters the garage brandishing a pair of scissors. She watches in horror as her begins to cut off her dress. The scissors are blunt and it takes some time, snipping, tearing, and more snipping, until finally no part of the dress is attached to her. The man takes the remains of the dress off her shoulder and throws it on the floor. Now the scissors move down to Cadence's panties, and she watches helplessly as the man cuts through them, first one side and then the other, pulling them from between her legs and leaving her wearing nothing but heels and stockings. After a while, he retrieves a zip tie and secures her ankles. Clearly, this cute blonde is going to remain his house guest for some time to come.

4. Novice Reporter
Cadence is a novice reporter who has a contact she believes is taking her to meet some men who have snatched a well known politician, and they want to speak to a journalist to make their demands. Cadence knows this is a risk but she is a young reporter looking for any opportunity to boost her career. When she climbs into the contact's car, he asks her if she knows the rules. Cadence says that these were explained to her very clearly; that she has to be blindfolded and handcuffed for the journey to ensure that she does not know where she is being taken. When the arrive at the hideout and Cadence's blindfold is removed, she looks around bewildered - there is no one there. She asks her contact where the men and the politician are, but he merely smiles and says, "There is no one else. It's just you and me." Cadence begins to panic as it becomes clear that she is the victim, and that he contact plans to hold her for ransom. After all, her father is the owner of the newspaper group she works for. He zip ties Cadence's ankles and lays her on the floor. He places her in a hogtie and ball gags her until he is ready to make the ransom call.

5. I'll Do Anything You Want (conclusion)
Having been held captive for quite some time already (hogtied, and then tied and handcuffed to a chair, both in "I Will Do Anything You Want"), Cadence finds herself lying back on the bed, now with an arm binder strapping her arms behind her back, and with straps locked around her ankles. The ankle straps are attached to the bedframe with a pair of handcuffs to ensure that Cadence cannot climb off the bed. Her captor gags her and leaves her there for the night. Cadence struggles, trying to wriggle free, but the arm binding and ankle cuffs are tight. There is little hope of escape.

6. Price On Her Head
Cadence has been foolish enough to skip bail and make a run for it over a fairly trivial crime. Her inexperience has made it easy for a bounty hunter to catch her. He has her wrists secured in Tuff Cuffs when he takes her to his home where, it has been arranged, law enforcement officials will show up to collect her. Once indoors, cadence decides to try making a bolt for it, even with her wrists secured, and this earns her some Tuff Cuffs around the ankles. Now she is going nowhere. Her efforts to get away have annoyed the bounty hunter, however, so he decides to gag her to shut her up and then connect her wrists and ankles with a regular zip tie, making her lay on the floor in a tight and very uncomfortable hogtie. (This video would have been longer but Cadence really was locked down tight and getting extremely uncomfortable so we stopped a little sooner than planned. It seems the bad guys are just not mean enough here at BiB!).