The Victim (WMV) - Jennifer

The Victim (WMV) - Jennifer
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24 mins 23 secs - 760.5 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Jennifer is busy doing the dishes when a man bursts into her kitchen. She instinctively starts to back away from him but he closes the gap quickly and grabs her, pinning her arms to her sides. He tells her he just needs a place to stay for a while but she resists. Clearly he needs to subdue her. He produces a vial and a handkerchief, manages to get some of the contents of the vial onto it then presses the cloth over Jennifer's nose and mouth. She struggles but it is only a few seconds before the world recedes and she sinks limply to the floor. When she wakes, she finds herself tied to one of her kitchen chairs. She is both frightened and angry and calls out, bringing the man back into the room. He gags her to keep her quiet and tells her he only needs to stay for a day or so. Jennifer is left struggling on the chair, but she calms down as the hours pass, realizing that she can't escape.

In the evening, the man comes back and removes her gag, giving her a few sips of water. He tells her he has arranged for her to spend the night more comfortably. Jennifer is transferred to her bed where she is secured to the head board with two pairs of handcuffs. Leather straps have been fastened around her booted ankles, straps that have been linked together and which are secured to the base of the bed by rope. Jennifer pulls and the handcuffs and tries to free her legs, but it's no good; she is again securely fastened and escape is impossible. The man comes in to the room and she is dismayed to see that he has found her stash of play things, and has her own ball gag in his hands. He climbs on the bed beside her and forces the ball into her mouth, then secures the strap at the back of her head. He leaves her alone and wishes her a good night's sleep. Jennifer continues trying to get free but it really is no good; she is there for the entire night. She finally manages to fall asleep, and when morning comes the man enters for the last time, telling her that he will be leaving soon. He takes off the ball gag and lets Jennifer drink more water before putting the ball gag back in her mouth. He apologizes for leaving her tied up but promises to make an anonymous call to someone later in the day, once he is far away and safe. That way, someone will come and rescue her. He warns her that he won't make the call until late afternoon so she is going to be tied up for most of the day. After he leaves, Jennifer renews her futile attempts to get free. Her frustration rises when she leans her head over and sees that the man has left all the keys to the handcuffs on the bedside cabinet, so near but impossible to reach. Jennifer lays back. There is nothing for it but to lie there until help arrives.