Don't Move (WMV)

Don't Move (WMV)
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20 minutes 11 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - 5 Mbps bitrate - 782.2 MB in size

A man has grabbed Jennifer and driven her to a house she does not recognize. As she climbs to the car, she demands to know where she has been taken, and why, but she receives no answers. Inside the house, the man ties her to a chair, refusing to explain what it is she has done to make him do this to her. He tells her that if she can't remember, then she will perish without knowing the truth. Once she is securely tied, he cuts holes in her tights and attaches a piece of cord to each thigh using duct tape. The two cords leads to a device sitting on a nearby coffee table, and if the tension on either one of them grows too great, or even if there is too much vibration, the device with explode. He warns Jennifer not to move, advising her to sit very still. He gags her with duct tape to ensure that she can't call for help, then leaves her to her fate. Her only hope of survival is if she sits still long enough for someone to find her, but that might take days, and she dare not fall asleep. Her only other hope is if she can get her hands free and carefully remove the tape from each thigh...