Air Strike (WMV 1090x1080 HD)

Air Strike (WMV 1090x1080 HD)
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Time: 14 minutes 07 seconds - 547.7 MB - 1920x1080 pixels

Jasmine is an investigative reporter pursuing an arms dealer she believes has committed treason by selling military equipment to hostile parties. She arrives at his home posing as a college student undertaking a photography project, but the man is clearly not convinced. She agrees to let her use his bathroom, and when she emerges he clamps a cloth over her nose and mouth, holding her tight as she struggles until the chemicals subdue her. A little later, he slaps her face to wake her and ties her up as she protests that she doesn't know what is going on. To shut her up, Jasmine has a cloth stuffed into her mouth. Microfoam tape is wrapped around her head multiple times to keep the cloth in her mouth, then she is forced to lie down where she is finally hogtied. The arms dealer makes a call to someone he knows in the air force, saying that his end of the operation has been compromised. He asks if things can be arranged so that a missle goes off course and destroys the house and everything it in, including the reporter. With these arrangements in hand, he  departs leaving Jasmine bound and gagged with only minutes to free herself before the house and everything around it is obliterated. Jasmine struggles frantically and manages to free her legs. She staggers to her feet and runs from the house, hands still tied, mouth still gagged. She puts as much distance as she can between herself and the property, hearing the approaching jet even as she climbs the bank on the edge of the property. Seconds later, a missile strikes the house and the property explodes, taking Jasmine's car with it. She lies on a grass track on the edge of the woods, still bound and gagged but alive. She got more of a story than she bargained for!