Bored Housewives (WMV)

Bored Housewives (WMV)
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Lily & Amber
34 mins - 512.7 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Lily and Amber are bored. They are waiting for their husbands to arrive home from a sports event to take them out for the evening, but they are always late getting back from these things. The girls start to talk about bondage, and Lily asks Amber if she has ever been tied up. When Amber agrees to try it, Lily takes her into the bedroom, gets her to take off her dress, then binds her hands and begins massaging her legs. After a while, she ties Amber's ankles and then places her in a hogtie. The girls are having fun together when someone bursts into the room, startling the two women. Lily can't believe it when this intruder tells her to undress and lay down beside her friend. He ties Lily up and explains to the women that someone will be along soon to transport them away to be held as hostages, while he intercepts the husbands. He departs, leaving the girls the struggle and try to free one another. They are just starting to make progress on their bonds when the second intruder arrives to take them away.