Waitresses in Trouble (WMV)

Waitresses in Trouble (WMV)
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Amber & Lily
15 mins - 223.1 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Lily and Amber are waitresses returning home after a bad day at work - lousy tips, both tired. Imagine their shock when they find an intruder in their house. He forces Lily to tied Amber up using zip ties, then gag her friend with duct tape. Next, he does the same thing to Lily, leaving the two women laying on the floor in bondage. The girls manage to peel their gags off one another, but they can't free themselves from the tightly-secured zip ties around their wrists and ankles. While Amber struggles on the floor, Lily manages to get to her feet and hop into the kitchen where she searches through drawers for a knife. She doesn't find anything that she can use to cut their bonds, so she next hops through to her office in search of a pair of scissors. In the end, she finds a pair and is able to cut Amber loose, who immediately returns the favour.