Night Flight (WMV)

Night Flight (WMV)
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Paige & Becky
11 mins - 250.1 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Paige and Becky are airline stewardesses who are just arriving home after working the red eye, the night flight from California to New York. They are tired and just want to relax in a bubble bath before going to bed. Their plans go awry when the find an armed intruder in their house. He forces Becky to tie Paige's wrists and ankles, and then her own feet. He puts the finishing touches to their bondage by tying Becky's wrists together behind her back and gagging them both with duct tape. After he leaves, the girls work to untie one another. They succeed after a while, and Paige hurries to the phone to call the police with Becky looking on.