Please Zip Me Up (WMV)

Please Zip Me Up (WMV)
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13 mins - 216.6 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Anna has called on Dave carrying a bunch of zip ties, to ask him if he will tie her up. He explains that he is just going out and that she should wait until another day. Anna insists, so Dave places her in zip ties, wrists and ankles, and tells her he will be out for some time. Anna challenges him, saying is that all he is going to do in the way of bondage, and asks can he at least gag her. Dave obliges and departs, leaving Anna bound and gagged for the day. Later, Anna decides to see if she can get free and hops to the kitchen. She finds a pair of scissors and tries to cut the zip tie off her wrists, but this is a lot harder to do than it looks. Eventually, she gives up and hops back into the living room where she sits herself down in a chair to await Dave's return.