She Escaped in a Cop's Uniform (WMV)

She Escaped in a Cop's Uniform (WMV)
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Dixie & Carissa
24 mins - 117.5 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Motorcycle Cop Carissa Montomergy has entered Dixie's home, following up on a report that Dixie has been dealing in drugs. Dixie is abusive to the officer so Montgomery puts her in handcuffs. Dixie just won't stop hurling abuse, so after a while the cop takes the unconventional step of gagging her prisoner. When Dixie resorts to kicking, Montgomery ties her legs together. Time passes while they await the arrival of a squad car to take Dixie in, but there has been a delay. Dixie now pleads for the use of the bathroom but Montgomery refuses. When Dixie threatens to let loose in the squad car when it arrives, the cop relents and takes off the handcuffs. This is a mistake: Dixie overpowers the cop and forces her to strip down to her underwear - Dixie plans to make her escape dressed as a police woman. When she is wearing nothing but her bra and panties, Carissa is made to lay on the floor where Dixie places her in a tight hogtie (onscreen) before making her escape. On the way out the door, Dixie meets one of the detectives who has been called to the house. She adroitly explains that the perp is inside and that the drug squad needs to go over the house. The detective enters and finds and almost naked Officer Montgomery squirming on the floor in bondage. He is angry with her for her incompetence, then rushes off in pursuit of Dixie, leaving Montgomery still trapped in a hogtie.