The Mercenary - enhanced (WMV)

The Mercenary - enhanced (WMV)
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Lily, Amber, Rachael, Lola & Carissa
34 minutes - 1,337.7 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of The Mercenary, the video has been enhanced from the original Quicktime file. With adjusted contrast, color and sound plus a bitrate of 5 Mbps, this movie now stands up well to full-screen viewing. Three of the girls who appear have since retired from the fetish world, making this a never-to-be-repeated experience.

The plot: It's Rachael's birthday! She and her friend Carissa are just finishing the preparations for a party. Rachael's closest friends will be arriving any minute and she is so excited. When a knock comes on the front door, the girls grin with delight as Carissa goes to greet the first guest. When she opens the door, however, a man in an army camouflage uniform forces his way into the house and grabs her. He is a rogue mercenary who needs this location for a hit and the girls are just collatoral damage. Rachael comes to investigate Carissa's squeals, only to be confronted by the alarming sight of Carissa struggling in this man's hold. He orders Rachael to go and find some rope and a bed sheet, then he makes her tie up her friend and gag her. Now it's Rachael's turn, and the mercenary makes short work of restraining her. She is no sooner firmly trussed up when another knock comes on the door; the first of Rachael's party guests has arrived. The mercenary hides behind the front door, and as he opens it jumps the guest as she enters. This happens again and again until all five women lie bound and gagged on the floor. During a few minutes when he is absent, Rachael makes her way to the house phone and tries to call for help, but she is discovered because she can get a call out. The woman have no choice but to lie side by side, tided up and gagged, hoping that they will live through this day.