Hidden Agenda (WMV)

Hidden Agenda (WMV)
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Keri, Alexis & Jasmine
60 mins - 1,891.3 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Keri runs a small fashion designer business in a building protected by a security guard in the lobby. Despite the security, however, a thief managed to get into the building the previous day, overpower and tie up Keri's secretary Alexis, then make off with some confidential designs. The story begins with Keri questioning Alexis about the events of the day before, explaining that she needs to have a much detail as possible for the insurance claim and the ensuing police report. She asks Alexis how the man got in, but Alexis does not seem to know. She then asks her secretary how she was tied up, and with what color of rope, and how she was gagged. When Keri asks what Alexis was wearing when she was tied up, the woman starts to wonder where all this is leading. Her boss seems overly interested in what appear to her to be irrelevant details. Alexis can hardly believe it when Keri suggests re-enacting the events of the day before, ostensibly to jog Alexis' memory. While Alexis does not want to go along with this, Keri is her boss after all and she does need to file an insurance claim. Reluctantly, therefore, Alexis allows Keri to tie her up, unaware that Keri has a hidden agenda - she is using the break in as a reason to tie up Alexis, something she has secretly wanted to do ever since the woman started working for her, and here was the perfect opportunity. Believing that they are alone in the building, Keri has designs on seeing how far she can take things with Alexis.

While this is going on, unknown to the two women, the thief has re-entered the building and is at this very moment holding up and disarming Jasmine, the security guard. He sets about tying the security guard to her chair as Keri finishes tying up and gagging Alexis. Keri tells the woman to think things over for a few minutes while she is out of the room. Alexis struggles in an effort to free herself but Keri has done a remarkably good job of tying her up, almost as if she had done this kind of thing before. To her shock and alarm, she sees the man who bound and gagged her the day before walk into the room. He removes Alexis' gag and asks her if she has been tied up all this time; Alexis says no, that he boss did this to her. The man is amused, and also pleased that the woman's boss had saved him the trouble of tying her up again. Now all he needed to do was secure the boss lady, then he could collect the rest of the designs from their studio. He places a chair behind Alexis then leaves the room, hiding until Keri returns. He does not have to wait long. Mystified by the fact that an office chair has moved, Keri does not see the man sneak in behind her. In a very short time, Keri is tied to a chair and gagged beside her employee. The man departs and leaves the two women to gag talk about their situation and try to untie one another.

Down in the lobby, Jasmine is also struggling to free herself but cannot succeed. She makes a futile attempt to reach her iPad in order to summon help, but the ropes pinning her to the chair prevent her from doing so. Upstairs, Keri is able to untie Alexis' hands and the two women are still free. They are about to leave when the intruder intercepts them, making them clear some space in the office before he gives them some skimpy outfits he found in the studio, and orders them to change out of their existing clothes and into these. They comply and soon find themselves hogtied side by side on the floor, this time gagged with bandannas. The thief finally takes his leave and the two women must again try to untie one another. Keri manages to get her gag loose and uses her teeth to remove Alexis', then on impulse Keri kisses her secretary, telling her that she is secretly enjoying being tied up with her. Still, they can't be sure that the thief won't return, so they work on their bonds until they manage to free themselves again. Wondering what might have happened to the security guard, they go down to the lobby and find Jasmine still bound and gagged to her chair.