The Heist (WMV)

The Heist (WMV)
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Candle, Hannah, Carissa and Autumn
49 minutes 38 seconds - 1,549.0 MB - HD (1280x720 pixels)

Candle and Hannah have been hired to carry out a heist on an up-market hotel where wealthy guests stay and deposit their valuables and cash in the hotel safe during their visit. To gain access during the night shift without attracting attention, the girls need to match the hotel staff uniform. The easiest way to do this is to grab a couple of employees as they leave work and relieve them of their clothes. They grab Carissa and Autumn as they exit the back of the hotel, bundling them into a car. They arrive at a remote house and the two captives are marched into the living room, wrists bound together behind their backs, gagged and blindfolded. Candle and Hannah ties them to chairs and leave them, not needing their clothes until the start of their next shift.

After a while, Candle and Hannah return and untie their captives, ordering them to remove their uniforms. They change into these and give Carissa and Autumn different clothes to wear. They they march their prisoners down to the basement and tie them to chair again, leaving them bound and gagged while they head off to rob the hotel safe. In their absence, Autumn and Carissa work on their bonds and eventually break free. They consider calling the police, but they are so angry and the two women who grabbed them that they decide to take matters into their own hands. Carissa also points out that she gave the thieves an incorrect code, so if they do return they are going to be pissed.

Later, Candle and Hannah do indeed return, having nearly been caught. Hannah jumps out of the car and goes to check on the prisoners while Candle parks up. They not plan to torture their prisoners to make them give up the correct code for the hotel safe. As Hannah enters the house, however, Candle grabs her, pinning her arms to her seide. Carissa gags her and the two women quickly tie her up and lie in wait for her accomplice. The same fate befalls Candle as she enters the house, and soon both criminals are bound and gagged. Carissa and Autumn are just starting to have some fun with their prisoners when the man who hired Candle and Hannah to commit the crime enters unobserved. He gets the drop on the two hotel workers, forcing them to lie down on their stomachs. He ties them up and places them in hogties, then gags them with bandannas. He removes the gags from Candle and Hannah, telling them he is appalled at their lack of professionalism and that he has no further need of them. He does need the hotel uniforms however, and makes the girls take them off. He allows them to dress in their original clothes before placing them in hogties beside their victims, then leaves all four women bound and gagged.