Deal Breaker (MP4) - Cadence Lux, Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James

Deal Breaker (MP4) - Cadence Lux, Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James
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Cadence Lux, Vonka Romanov & Jasmine St James - Deal Breaker

38 minutes 49 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,798.0 MB

Dave has made a lucrative movie deal with a foreign dignitary of middle eastern origins, but the only way the dignitary is willing to go forward with negotiations is if he gets three American girls to clinch the deal. He has even picked them from the social media profiles: their names are Jasmine, Cadence and Vonka. Dave dispatches his assistant, Asher, to track down the girls and bring them to the house where the dignitary will send his men to collect them. At the start of the movie, we see Asher leading the three girls through the snow, their hands bound behind their back to maintain control of them. Jasmine decides to make a break for it but does not get far before she slips and falls in the snow. While Asher is securing her legs to prevent her running again, Cadence and Vonka run back the way they came, hoping to use Jasmine's distraction to escape themselves. Once Jasmine is secure, Asher gives chase and quickly catches up to the two girls. He carries them back together, one over each shoulder. he links the ropes used to lead them to make escape a little harder before picking up Jasmine and carrying her to the house where the boss lives. The other two girls try to escape again, but this time they are hampered by the additional tie. Asher catches them for a second time, throws Vonka over his shoulder and makes Cadence walk beside him.

With all three girls safely delivered, Asher unties them at Dave's behest and makes them change their clothes, dressing them to look more seductive for the buyer. The girls are then photographed before Asher places them all in hogties. A cloth is stuffed into each girl's mouth and secured there with a cleave gag. While the two men are busy with sending the photos, the girls all struggles against their bonds. After a few minutes, Cadence manages to free her hands. She releases the other two girls and they all make a run for it. As they open the door to the outside world, however, they find Asher standing on the other side, and he is armed. He makes the girls walk back to the living room, then while Dave keeps them covered he ties all three of them to chairs. To shut them up, the girls are gagged again, this time with knotted cleave gags. Now the ropes are a lot tighter, and struggle as they may, none of them are able to get loose. Their level of distress increases when a gloating Asher comes to tell them that the buyer is happy with the choice of girls and has closed the deal. He promises them a trip to somewhere very warm, very soon.