The Curiosity Shop Remastered (MP4 1080p) - Cali Logan & Keri Spectrum

The Curiosity Shop Remastered (MP4 1080p) - Cali Logan & Keri Spectrum
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Cali Logan & Keri Spectrum - The Curiosity Shop Remastered
70 minutes 40 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 3.8 Mbps - MP4: 2,119.6

This movie has been remastered from the original recording, presented here in 1920x1080 pixels. Color and white balance have both been adjusted, and sound has been augmented. The original version of this movie had three parts, but only two have been combined for this remaster. The main reasons for this are (a) part 3 contributed nothing to the story and (b) the picture in part 3 is grainy owing to poor lighting conditions. The story reaches a natural conclusion at the end of part 2, which forms the end of this version. There are cameos by four models, Hannah Perez, Cadence Lux, Becky LeSabre and Sara Liz. The last of these is slightly more than a cameo since Sara tries to call the shop owner to find out what is going on, so the man in the hat grabs her, ties her up with duct tape and puts her in the back of his truck to dispose of later.

Storyline: It is Cali's first day as a sales assistant at The Curiosity Shop. It's a Monday and sales are slow, so the owner Keri feels comfortable leaving her new employee in charge for a while. Everything seems fine until some old guy in a suit comes in and starts browsing. He seems harmless enough and Cali is in no way alarmed, not until he holds her up, forces her into the store room at the back of the shop and ties her up. He wants to know where the safe is; it seems he has been informed that Keri keeps a rather large float in there. Cali explains that she is new and doesn't know about any safe. While the old guy is questioning her, a customer comes into the shop. Cali tries to call out for help, but her captor clamps a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, then quickly gags her. To avoid arousing suspicion, he goes out front to deal with the customer. He has to do this more than once. Eventually, Keri comes back and finds the shop unattended. She discovers Cali tied up in the store room, and is immediately suspicious: A new employee; a robbery on her first day. Before Keri gets around to untying her colleague, the old man appears and ties up Keri as well. He demands to know where the safe is located, but Keri claims there is no safe. The potential thief has to leave but threatens to return. Soon after, Cali is able to get free. She is annoyed at her boss for leaving her tied up and goes to look for the safe instead of freeing her. When she fails to find it, she eventually lets Keri out of her bonds. There is tension between the two women, but Keri does not fire Cali. Next morning, Keri opens the shop as usual. Minutes later, the old guy returns and ties her up in the store room once more. He tries to make Keri tell him where to find the safe but she still won't cooperate. While he is looking for it himself, more customers come in. Finally, Sara Liz enters the shop, and she knows Keri well. She wants to know what is going on, and when she tries to call Keri, the old guy has no choice but to grab her, tie her up with duct tape and deposit her in the back of his truck for later disposal. While he is busy, Cali and Keri manage to get free and escape.