Colombian Ambush Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells, Lily Anna, Shauna Ryanne & Jasmine St James

Colombian Ambush Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells, Lily Anna, Shauna Ryanne & Jasmine St James
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Amber Wells, Lily Anna, Shauna Ryanne & Jasmine St James - Colombian Ambush Remastered

36 minutes 20 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,695.6 MB

Introduction: This 2014 movie was enhanced in 2016 by stretching the 1280x720-pixel recording to make it look 1920x1080 pixels. It worked well and that might very well have been that. However, the chance discovery of the original master allowed for Colombian Ambush to finally be presented at full HD. Re-edited, re-balanced and sharpened, this is the definitive version of this amazing story where, unusually, everything went exactly right on the day of the shoot. This version also contains an additional 12 minutes showing what happened to Shauna when a CIA agent turns up and interrogates her about her resistance group.

Original description: Lily, Amber and Jasmine are three female diplomats who have just finished attending a summit in Bogota, Colombia and are being driven back to the airport by a local driver. The vehicle begins bouncing over rough, wooded terrain, and the women as the driver where he is going. He explains that he is taking a short cut. The women want to believe him but their are uneasy in such a volatile country. After a while, they grow so concerned that they ask the driver to turn back. Instead, he stops the vehicle just as a member of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia emerges from the woods with some heavy duty fire power. The rebel orders the women out of the vehicle and very roughly zip ties their hands behind their backs before gagging them with duct tape. They are marched through the woods in their high heels over quite a distance until they arrive at one of the group's hideouts. Here, the zip ties are removed and the diplomats are bound with rope, Lily sitting on the floor tied to a pole, Amber tied to a chair and Jasmine forced to stand with her wrists tied above her head. Amber is forced to read a statement into a cellphone camera telling the U.S. authorities that she and her fellow diplomats will be executed if incarcerated members of the Revolucionarias are not released immediately. Now they have to wait for a response. The lead rebel tells the driver to fetch supplies because they will be here for some time.

After he leaves, Jasmine declares that she needs to use the bathroom. Initially the rebel tells her to just go in her clothes, but when Jasmine pleads with the rebel, she relents and takes her to a bathroom in the main house, leaving Amber and Lily unattended. In her absence, the two women work on their bonds. Jasmine manages to open a window in the bathroom and escape, but she does not get far before her absence is discovered and the rebel quickly catches up to her. She is marched back to where her fellow diplomats are being held. When they arrive, however, Shauna discovers that both Amber and Lily have manages to free themselves. She doesn't think to look behind her, and the two grab their captor from behind. Jasmine joins in, and between them they manage to restrain the rebel with zip ties, gagging her with duct tape. Amber retrieves a phone and calls the CIA, reporting what happened to them and asking them to send agents to capture the rebel. The diplomats make a run for it. Hours later, an agent arrives and starts interrogating the rebel, handcuffing her, making her stand in a tray of water and applying a current to make her talk. It is only a matter of time before she will break.