Lost Girls enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux

Lost Girls enhanced (MP4) - Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux
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Cali Logan, Hannah Perez & Cadence Lux - Lost Girls enhanced
24 minutes 31 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,136.1 MB

This video has been reprocessed the original recording to create a 1920x1080-pixel version with a bit rate of 6 Mbps. Color and white balance have both been adjusted, and sound has been augmented.

Original description: Hannah is busy berating her partner Bub when the two see a car approaching along their potholed driveway. They see two girls (Cali and Cadence) inside the vehicle, almost certainly lost, and decide to have some fun with them. They go to greet the girls, ostensibly to give them directions, then Hannah suddenly holds them up and forces them to climb out of the car. While Bub keeps the girls covered, Hannah zip ties their wrists. She is about to secure Cadence's ankles when Cali makes a run for it. Hannah gives chase and drags the girl to the ground, promptly zip tying her ankles to make her stay put. She then returns to Cadence and finishes the job by securing her ankles too. She instructs Bub to carry Cadence indoors and then come back to collect Cali. Inside, the girls soon find themselves tied to chairs and gagged. They struggle with their bonds, gag talking to each other and hoping to get free before the crazy couple comes back to torment them, but it's too late. Hannah sends Bub off to the hardware store to get some supplies for the weekend. Once he leaves, Hannah admits that she just needed to get rid of him for a while because she hates sharing. She begins to grope and kiss her prisoners, clearly having a wonderful time with them.