Tip Off Remastered (MP4) Amber Wells & Jasmine St James

Tip Off Remastered (MP4) Amber Wells & Jasmine St James
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Amber Wells & Jasmine St James - Tip Off Remastered
33 minutes 10 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,538.7 MB

First released in 2014 at 1280x720 pixels, this video has been completely remastered, which includes rebalancing color and sharpening the picture, as well as enhancing sound. This was the last time Amber and Jasmine were to work together.

Journalist Amber Wells has received an anonymous tip suggesting the corruption of a high ranking city official. A place and time are indicated, and Amber waits there with her camera hoping the call was not a hoax. She sees a woman apparently waiting for someone, and then to her astonishment, a vehicle arrives and the man who climbs out of it is the Chief of Police. He unloads a box from the back of his vehicle and enters the building with the woman. Amber sneaks closer until she can hear their conversation. It seems the Chief has been stealing from the evidence locker and selling goods to local street gangs. Amber takes a compromising photograph of the policeman then tries to flee, but the other woman (Jasmine) is too quick for her and she is quickly captured. The Chief of Police recognizes her as a reporter and realizes they are in trouble. He orders Jasmine to take Amber into the garage and tie her up. With Amber secure, the Chief departs to find her car before a passing patrol vehicle spots it and calls it in. After he departs, Jasmine finds a knife and cuts Amber free, saying that she was okay going along with the sale of stolen goods to local thugs, but now the Chief wants to send shipments overseas to terrorists to make more money, and she can't get behind that. She and Amber are just hurry from the garage when the Chief intercepts them, forcing them back inside. He says he has suspected Jasmine of betrayal for a little while, after too many things went wrong with recent shipments. He makes Jasmine re-tie Amber then he ties Jasmine up himself. Now that the women have compromised his operation, he has no choice but to dispose of them. He throws gasoline over them and sets a timer on a device that will spark and ignite the gas when it reaches zero. He departs and the two women struggle frantically to free themselves in time.