The Wrong Girl (MP4) - Rachel Adams

The Wrong Girl (MP4) - Rachel Adams
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Rachel Adams - The Wrong Girl
19 minutes 11 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 884.1 MB

Rachel has woken up lying on a bed, but not her own bed. Furthermore, she is tied to the bed with plastic cuffs tight on her wrists and ankles. She is attached to the bed frame and barely able to move. She calls out to see if anyone is there, and after a minute a man arrives, telling her she will not be harmed if she behaves herself, that all he wants is the ransom money for her release. Rachel looks bewildered, explaining that her family does not have any money. The man insists that they do, but after she keeps repeating her claim, he shows her a picture and description on the Internet that describes her social standing. When Rachel says that the woman in the picture looks somewhat like her but is not her, the man realizes that his associates have grabbed the wrong girl. Now he faces a dilemma: He can't just let Rachel go or she will run straight to the police. He informs her that he will have to keep her prisoner, at least until the real victim has been taken and the money paid by her family, at which point he and his cohorts can leave the country, releasing Rachel in the process. That, however, is likely to be some weeks away. Rachel looks aghast at the prospect of remaining tied to a bed for weeks, but her objections carry little weight. She is gagged with several strips of duct tape to keep her quiet while her captor sets about grabbing the right girl. Rachel struggles at first, but realizing she has no hope of wriggling out of the tight plastic cuffs, she relaxes and tries to make herself a little more comfortable, but given the way she is secured, that is almost impossible to achieve.