Highest Bidder enhanced (MP4) Hannah Perez

Highest Bidder enhanced (MP4) Hannah Perez
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Hannah Perez - Highest Bidder enhanced
24 minutes 53 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,157.3 MB MB

This video has been reprocessed the original recording to create a 1920x1080-pixel version with a bit rate of 6 Mbps. Color and white balance have both been adjusted, and sound has been augmented.

Hannah has been snatched and is to be sold to one of a group of interested buyers, whichever one turns out to be the highest bidder. We join the action as Dave and Raimondo arrive at the house with Hannah bound and gagged on the back seat of their car. Raimondo lifts her out and carries her indoors, laying her on the floor. They have an hour before the most enthusiastic buyer is available so Raimondo uses a cloth to put her to sleep for a while. The two men then lift Hannah onto a chair and tie her to it. After a while, Hannah recovers and starts struggling again. It seems the man making the highest bid for Hannah wants to see her in a black leather jacket as well as her own red one; he also wants the jacket unzipped far enough to display her ample breasts. Raimondo frees Hannah's hands and makes her change jackets. During this change, Hannah tears the duct tape from her mouth and begs to be released. This proves to be a mistake - Hannah soon has a pair of panties thrust into her mouth and wraparound duct tape is used to gag to silence her. Dave takes photos as Raimondo zips and unzips Hannah's jacket, concluding with the jacket being unzipped to the waist so that Hannah's breasts are fully exposed. The men depart to upload the photographs for the bidder to view, leaving her bound and gagged. In their absence, Hannah manages to free her hands. She quietly unties herself and flees from the house, the hard-to-remove her gag still in place since it is more important to get away that to waste time trying to get it off.