The Architect complete (MP4) - Tilly McReese

The Architect complete (MP4) - Tilly McReese
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Tilly McReese - The Architect complete

32 minutes 21 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,500.0 MB

Presented in its entirety for the first time, The Architect has been reprocessed for release at 1920x1080 pixels and a bitrate of 6 Mbps.

Tilly is an architect who claims she was engaged by Mr. Knowles to design and draw up plans for a new house to be built on a plot of land he owns. Knowles claims that there has been a misunderstanding, that he only enquired about the cost of such a project. Tilly produces paperwork and waves it in his face, saying that she has proof that he commissioned the work. She says that she can't imagine what he secretary was thinking that day because Knowles should have paid 20% before work even started on the project. When Knowles stands his ground, Tilly becomes angry and demands that he gives her what is coming to her. He replies "my pleasure" and lands her a punch.

Tilly wakes to find herself bound and gagged in the trunk of a car and being driven somewhere. She kicks and mmmphs through her gag but to no avail. Soon, she finds herself tied to a chair in a basement. She has lost most of her fire as Knowles torments her, trying only to resist when he wants to stuff a cloth into her mouth. He holds her nose until she is forced to open her mouth to breathe, then stuffs the cloth in. He ties a cleave gag around her head and leaves her there to stew. Tilly struggles for a while but is unable to get her hands free. She manages to get the cleave gag out of her mouth and spit out the cloth, but this has not really go her anywhere. Just when she is ready to give up, she spots her phone left on a nearby table. She works her chair over to the table, but the ropes around her wrists are secured under the chair to her ankles and she can't reach up to grab the phone. She tries leaning in to reach it, but again she can't get close enough. She is still trying when Knowles discovers her and takes the phone away. He tells her that he clearly needs to make her even more secure. Tilly wails "Noooo" but there is nothing she can do.

After her attempt to reach her phone and call for help, Knowles feels the need to put Tilly in even tighter restraints. A hogtie should do the job! In his office, he makes Tilly undress down to her bra and panties, then gives her new clothes to wear. She grimaces as she puts them on. When she has finished changing, Knowles binds her wrists behind her back then gags her by wrapping duct tape around her head. He ties her legs at the ankles and knees, then lays her down on the floor in order to put her in the promised hogtie. He secures Tilly firmly, then leaves her to struggle. Tilly tries to escape at first but she quickly realizes that her efforts are only tightening the ropes. She lies still then, a tear in her eye as she wonders what will happen to her next.