The Flashing Blade Remastered (MP4) - Cadence Lux

The Flashing Blade Remastered (MP4) - Cadence Lux
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Cadence Lux - The Flashing Blade Remastered (MP4)
12 minutes 50 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 596.8 MB

This movie has been remastered from the original recording, presented here in 1920x1080 pixels and with a bit rate of 6 Mbps (the original was 1280x720 pixels with a bit rate of 4 Mbps). Color and white balance have both been adjusted, and sound has been augmented.

Cadence is busy texting on her phone, unaware that a masked man is standing in the open doorway of her house. She realizes something is wrong when a glint of light dances around the room and she turns to see the intruder. Her first thought is to run from the house, but the man pursues her, catching up with her as she tries to run through icy snow in her high-heeled boots. He holds a sword to her throat and makes her return to the house where he secures her wrists and ankles with heavy-duty zip ties. He gags Cadence with duct tape before going in search of the her valuables. In his absence, Cadence works her way to where she left her phone and tries to call for help. Before she can communicate with the person who answers her call, The masked man re-enters the room and takes the phone away from her. Alone again, Cadence slides through to the kitchen to where she knows she has a pair of scissors. She is trying to cut through the zip ties around her ankles when the intruder catches her again, this time taking away the scissors. He gives her a final warning about behaving herself and threatens to tie her up even more if she tries anything else. After he goes back to searching the house, Cadence works her way outside, stands up and hops a few steps, frantically calling out through her gag and hoping the neighbours will spot her and realize she is in trouble before she gets herself into deeper trouble.