She Gambled & Lost Remastered (MP4) - Madison & Lydia

She Gambled & Lost Remastered (MP4) - Madison & Lydia
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Madison & Lydia - She Gambled & Lost Remastered
10 minutes 01 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 468.1 MB

This movie has been remastered from the original recording, presented here in 1920x1080 pixels and with a bit rate of 6 Mbps (the original was 1280x720 pixels with a bit rate of 4 Mbps). Color and white balance have both been adjusted, and sound has been augmented. This version is 30 seconds longer than the original.

Madison has been gambling at a casino where her house mate Lydia works as a croupier and has lost all her money, including the rent money. She is furious at Lydia who encouraged her to gamble in the first place, and she watches as Lydia arrives home from work, determined to teach the woman a lesson and make her reimburse Madison for her losses. When Madison challenges Lydia, the latter merely laughs at her and tells her she was stupid to gamble all her money away. Furious now, Madison attacks her and brings her down. Madison ties the girl up, intending to keep her a prisoner until such times as she coughs up the lost money. But things don't go as planned: Lydia manages to get free and turn the tables on Madison, so that Madison ends up bound and gagged while Lydia collects her bag and goes out for the evening, leaving Madison to struggle on the floor.