Once a Hacker Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells

Once a Hacker Remastered (MP4) - Amber Wells
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Amber Wells - Once a Hacker Remastered (MP4)
37 minutes 39 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,752.8 MB

Amber is a reformed hacker who spent time in prison for embezelling funds (we see a very brief flashback to Frisked & Arrested). Amber now uses her skills legally to test on-line security for banks. As she is leaving her house to go to work one morning, her past comes back to bite her. The police captain who oversaw her embezelling case now wants her to break the law again, but this time for him. After thirty years on the force and only a meagre pension to look forward to, he wants Amber to hack into the accounts at City Hall and transfer the contents of the Major's slush fund to his off-shore account. Amber insists that she has gone straight and cannot help him. So begins her ordeal with the corrupt law enforcement officer. Initially, he ties her up and gags her in her living room, telling her to signal him when she changes her mind about helping him. Amber resists for some time, but as she grows stiff in her bonds, she finally agrees, anything to get out of those ropes. She takes the cop down to the basement and her home office and starts trying to hack the system at City Hall. She is having some trouble getting past the firewall, and after working for several hours says that she needs a rest. The cop places her in handcuffs and attached a cable tie around her ankles, then gags her again, this time with duct tape. He goes off to catch a few hours sleep while Amber must stand in her office. When he returns, she is drained and exhausted but agrees to carry on. At last, she breaks through the firewall and transfers the funds to the cop's account. She then asks him to take her with him, realizing that the FBI will know she was responsible for the theft. The cop agrees on the understanding that she will continue to do jobs like this for him in the future. He allows Amber to change her clothes before they leave, and she selects a black leather emsemble. The cop removes his utility belt, saying he won;t need that any more. Amber snatches his weapon and trains it on him, saying she is going to call the cops. The office raises his hands at first but then starts to laugh, telling her the weapon is not loaded, that this was a test and she failed. Since he can't trust her, the cop ties Amber to a chair and gags her, leaving her for the FBI to find. He leaves and Amber struggles with her bonds, but she is very securely tied up and going nowhere. She will protest her innocence when the authorities arrives, but she knows they will merely say: "Once a hacker, always a hacker."