The Binder Remastered (MP4) - Autumn Bodell & Laci Star

The Binder Remastered (MP4) - Autumn Bodell & Laci Star
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Autumn Bodell & Laci Star - The Binder Remastered
46 minutes 57 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,182.9 MB

Remastered in HD. Autumn and Laci are off work and hanging out at home, wondering what they should do their their day. As they are discussing options, they hear someone come through the front door. They get up to investigate and encounter an intruder dressed all in black, and he is armed. This is a man the police call "The Binder" because he enters the homes of young women and binds them with rope. The girls raise their hands and look alarmed as The Binder drops a pile of rope on the floor in front of them. He tells Laci to lie down on the carpet and orders Autumn to bind her wrists and ankles. The girls try to find out what he wants with them but The Binder refuses to explain himself. Once Laci is tied up, he makes Autumn lie down beside her and he quickly binds her wrists and ankles too. He is just about to gag Autumn when she says that he doesn't need to do that, promising they will both stay quiet. The Binder gives them the benefit of the doubt and goes off into another part of the house, seemingly in search of something. When he is out of the way, the girls start whispering, talking about how they must escape. They start trying to untie each other, and Laci manages to loosen the rope around Autumn's wrists when The Binder returns and catches them in the act. He is furious and pulls each girl's hair as he chastises them. He re-ties Autumn's wrists and then puts both girls in a tight hogtie to prevent them trying to escape again. Now he pays no heed to their pleas and gags them both. Later, he decides to make them change their clothes before tying them to chairs. Once again, the girls try to untie one another, hoping to escape before The Binder returns again.