Doctor Brooks' Dilemma (MP4) - Nikki Brooks

Doctor Brooks' Dilemma (MP4) - Nikki Brooks
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Nikki Brooks - Doctor Brooks' Dilemma
17 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 809.9 MB

Nikki is a surgeon who was facing a malpractice suit until she was recently exonerated. That was the official view, but the father of one of her victims refuses to see it that way. He catches Nikki when she arrives home from the hospital and decides he wants to see justice done his way. He grabs Nikki and ties her hands behind her back, forces her to sit on a chair with her arms pulled over the back, then ties her to the chair. Once she is secure, he pulls down her white coat and unbuttons her blouse; he reaches down her back and unhooks her bra, pulling it down to expose her breasts. He then adds more rope, making Nikki very uncomfortable. He pushes a cloth into her mouth and tape gags her to shut her up before leaving her like this to suffer. When he comes back, he promises, things will only get work for Doctor Nikki Brooks.