Avenging Angel Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez & Jasmine St James

Avenging Angel Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez & Jasmine St James
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Hannah Perez & Jasmine St James - Avenging Angel Remastered
19 minutes 48 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 923.1 MB

Remastered in HD. Hannah works for an insurance company and she has been cheating retired people out of a percentage of their pension for some time. Charges have been brought against her by the police but she is very good at covering her tracks and nothing could be proved. When the law fails, it is time for the Avenging Angel (in the angelic form of Jasmine in a catsuit) to step in and right the wrong. She overpowers Hannah just as the girl is trying to leave for work, securing her wrists and ankles with heavy duty zip ties, the kind used by law enforcement. Hannah is indignant and protests her innocence, but Jasmine does not believe a word of it. She decides to humiliate Hannah, in repayment for the way she has humiliated her clients, and she uses a pair of scissors to cut off all of Hannah's clothing, leaving her stark naked. To shut Hannah up, Jasmine stuffs a cloth into her mouth and then gags her with the pair of leggings she has just cut off the girl's legs. Jasmine says she is now going to search the house for the evidence the police need to finally bring her to justice. In her absence, Hannah struggles frantically but there seems to be no way out of those very tight zip ties. Still zip tied, naked and gagged after some time, and her her shoes taken away, Hannah sees no obvious prospect of escape. In a desperate attempt to free herself, she slides into the kitchen and starts checking drawers. She is unable to reach the cutlery drawer, but perhaps there is something else she can use? She searches and finally discovers a small, multi-purpose knife. With a lot of effort, she is finally able to cut through the zip ties holding her wrists and can then reach the drawer with the scissors to free her legs. She has no sooner liberated herself when she hears the sound of a door creak - Jasmine is returning. (The final ten minutes of the original have not been included owing to poor picture quality).