Tape Trouble (MP4) - Dakkota Grey

Tape Trouble (MP4) - Dakkota Grey
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Dakkota Grey - Tape Trouble
14 minutes 08 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 654.7 MB

It has been three years since Dakkota fulfilled her obligation to sit on a jury. She and eleven others sent a man to prison for fraud. He was given five years, but he got out after three for good behavior. He is the last person Dakkota expects in her home on her day off, until she is grabbed from behind and a cloth is pressed over her nose and mouth. She is not out for long, but she comes too disorientated, at first hardly aware that someone is securing her wrists together behind her back with duct tape. As she recovers more of her senses, she tries to reason with this man as he continues to wrap tape around her body and legs. She doesn't even know who he is until her reminds her, and just as it starts coming back to her, a cloth is pushed into her mouth and sealed in with duct tape. Bound, gagged, helpless, Dakkota is the first of the twelve to suffer his attentions. The thing is, he doesn't know the names of the other jurors and he wants her to give them to him. He un-gags Dakkota and asks for their names, and when she refuses, he pushes the wet cloth back into her mouth and re-gags her. It's going to be a waiting game until she breaks, and her assailant just happens to have all the time in the world.