The Debt Remastered (MP4) - Anna Lee

The Debt Remastered (MP4) - Anna Lee
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Anna Lee - The Debt Remastered
16 minutes 06 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 749.1 MB

A money lender has loaned a large sum in cash to Anna's boyfriend, unknown to her. When the boyfriend fails to pay up on time and he cannot be found, the money lender takes Anna as collateral. We join the action as Anna, hands bound behind her back and cleave gagged, is pulled from the trunk of a car and marched into the house. She struggles on the floor, now with her ankles tied together. Desperate to escape, Anna manages to free her legs and make a run for it. She run up the long driveway, hands still bound, gag still in her mouth. Before she gets very far, however, the money lender comes after her in his car. Anna makes a dash for the woods, but slowed down by her high heels she is quickly recaptured. She is pushed back into the trunk of the car and driven back to the house. This time, the money lender takes the precaution of tying her feet together between carrying her indoors, then dragging her across the carpet to the middle of the room. He sits Anna on a chair, now ungagged, and secures her to the chair back with ropes. When she is secure, he calls her boyfriend and clamps a hand over Anna's mouth to muffle her cries. He warns the boyfriend that he has just six hours to make the payment before something very bad happens to his girlfriend and he never sees her again. He holds the phone to Anna's head and she demands to know from her boyfriend what the hell is going on. A hand is clamped over her mouth again as the money lender concludes the conversation. Now all they can do is wait. To shut Anna up in the meantime, the money lender gags her with duct tape and presses it down hard. Anna struggles but she cannot get free this time and will just have to hope that her boyfriend pays up.