Dark Times Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez & Monica Jade

Dark Times Remastered (MP4) - Hannah Perez & Monica Jade
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Hannah Perez & Monica Jade - Dark Times Remastered
20 minutes 58 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 977.9 MB

Hannah reprises her role as the Dark Avenger. This time she is on the trail of Monica, woman who works in a government building and has been selling documents and blueprints on the black market. While Monica has been suspected of this and even investigated, the authorities failed to prove a case against her. The Dark Avenger takes the law into her own hands and apprehends Monica, tying the woman up so that she can search the house for the latest set of missing confidential documents. She is unable to find them and returns to interrogate Monica. Surprisingly, Monica gives up their location without a fight. When Hannah goes to check, she opens a door and a jet of gas blows into her face. The world around her starts to swim and she drops to the floor, crawling back towards Monica. Darkness engulfs her before she can make it. Monica, who has been working on her bonds, finally manages to free herself. She produces some zip ties and secures the Dark Avenger's wrists and ankles, then lifts her onto a chair and ties her to it with rope. Hannah is gradually recovering but she is still disorientated. Monica immediately begins to taunt her as she makes a phone call to a friend whom she knows wants to take down the Dark Avenger. He says he will come right over. Monica decides to make Hannah even more enticing for him when he arrives, so she partially unzips Hannah's catsuit and exposes her breasts, knowing that her friend would really like that. She then sits texting as Hannah struggles frantically with her bonds. At the end, we hear the male friend arrive and Hannah's eyes widen with alarm as he approaches.