The Actress (MP4) - Jasmine St James

The Actress (MP4) - Jasmine St James
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Jasmine St James - The Actress
38 minutes 10 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,769.3 MB

Jasmine is an actress who is resting at home. She is between films and is busy reading a script for her potential next movie. She is so engrossed in the script that she is unaware of the man approaching from behind, cloth in hand. He presses it over her nose and mouth. Jasmine struggles to pull the cloth away from her face, but before she can succeed her world turns black. She wakes up in a strange room, bound with zip ties (ankles & wrists) and gagged by a simple piece of white tape. She struggles, bewildered by what is happening. Her captor enters the room and tells her that he has taken her for ransom. He walks away and Jasmine carries on struggling, trying to escape. She works her way to little table and opens its only drawer, looking for something she can use to cut herself free. The drawer is empty.

Her captor returns again, cuts Jasmine free and makes her stand. He undresses her down to bra and panties, removing her shoes before tying her to a chair with ropes. When the tying is finished, Jasmine says that her feet are cold. Her captor goes away and finds some socks; he puts them on her feet. He adds a tiny cleave gag which he passes under her hair before taking photos to go with the ransom demand. All the while, Jasmine struggles.

Jasmine is freed and told to put on a pair of mini-shorts Her captor has provided. He explains that he wants her to look cute and sexy so that he can sell her if her parents refuse to pay the ransom. Jasmine reluctantly puts on the shorts. She is then told to remove the socks and put her shoes back on. As she finishes and straightens up, Her captor overpowers her again. Next time she wakes, Jasmine finds herself hogtied and ball-gagged; she is to stay like this until the ransom arrives.