Finding the Evidence (MP4) - Jamie Daniels

Finding the Evidence (MP4) - Jamie Daniels
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Jamie Daniels - Finding the Evidence
19 minutes 46 seconds- 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 916.6 MB

Jamie is investigating the owner of Jensen Chemicals and needs evidence of illegal experiments he is conducting on his unwitting employees. When Jensen leaves the house, Jamie calls her friend and says she is going inside to look around, even though her friend does not think this is a good idea. Jamie gains access through the back door and ascends from the basement to the living area of the house. She starts searching, unaware that Jensen has turned his vehicle around and is coming back. She finds the documents she needs as evidence and is about to leave when Jensen grabs her from behind, pressing a cloth over her nose and mouth, dosing her with one of his own chemicals. Jamie kicks and thrashes, trying to break free before she is forced to inhale, but it's no good. She falls limp and sinks into darkness. When she wakes, she finds herself bound and gagged on the floor. Jensen soon arrives and says he has made arrangements for her in the basement. He picks her up and carries her away, Jamie kicking and screaming. She is soon tied to a table in the basement, ropes across her chest, waist and legs. Jensen sets a device on the table beside her, starting it counting down from ten minutes. When the counter reaches zero, the whole house will go up. Jensen says he will explain it away with mention of a gas leak and collect on the insurance. In the fire investigators find a charred body in the debris, well, probably some vagrant squatting in the house got caught in the blast, a blast that will obliterate all evidence of Jensen's illegal trials. Will Jamie free herself in time to escape?