What Were You Looking For? (MP4) - Rachel Adams

What Were You Looking For? (MP4) - Rachel Adams
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Rachel Adams - What Were You Looking For?
27 minutes 30 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,272.8 MB

Rachel is searching in the woods, checking the ground at the base of trees for signs of disturbed earth. Whatever she is looking for, she doesn't before it before a man comes up behind her and captures her. Cut to where Rachel is tied to a tree with loads and loads of rope, a cleave gag forced between her teeth to mute any cries for help. We watch Rachel struggling against her bonds, so much rope, trying to get free, but it's hopeless. At last, the man returns, removes her gag and asks her what she was looking for in his woodland. Rachel refuses to tell him. She is re-gagged. Cut to where Rachel is being led through the woods, hands tied behind her back, a gag still in her mouth. The man is taking her to his cabin where he plans to tie her to a chair and keep her prisoner until she finally reveals what she was seeking. Rachel tries to reason with the man, telling him that he can't keep her tied up like this, that's it's far too much rope, that he will get into so much trouble for doing this to her. Through it all, she still refuses to answer his question. She is gagged again and left to think about her dire situation. Is any secret worth this?