When Disaster Strikes: versions 1 & 2 (MP4) - Becca & Rachel Adams

When Disaster Strikes: versions 1 & 2 (MP4) - Becca & Rachel Adams
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Becca & Rachel Adams - When Disaster Strikes: versions 1 & 2
26 minutes 49 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,240.5 MB

A girl decides to have a little self-bondage fun by placing a ballgag in her mouth before handcuffing herself to a curtain rail. She plans to stay like this for a few minutes before letting herself out. Then, disaster strikes! She drops the handcuffs key! Horrified by the predicament in which she has placed herself, she desperately tries to retrieve the key with her feet. Because she is wearing boots, this is a lot harder than she hopes and she finds picking up the key to flip it up towards her hands impossible. Her next thought is to summon help. It will be horribly embarrassing but she really has no choice. She uses her foot to knock her cellphone onto the floor and then tries to activate it with her heel. She can turn the phone on, but she finds it impossible to make a call. Her last hope is a pair of scissoring resting on the coffee table; if she could only flip those up to her hands, she should be able to cut the ziptie attaching the cuffs to the curtain rail. She manages to get the scissors onto her boot heel but cannot lift them high enough. She attempts to flip the scissors from her instep and almost loses them completely. With every failure, the girl grows more despondent until, in the end, she starts to cry in frustration. How on earth is she to get herself out of this predicament. (This video contains two separate versions of this story, the first starring Becca and the second starring Rachel Adams. The latter was made first but the first few minutes were lost (the camera was on pause instead of record!), and without this sequence the story does not make sense. The only way to fix the problem was to make it again! Enjoy this "double feature".