Volte Face (MP4) - Nikki Brooks

Volte Face (MP4) - Nikki Brooks
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Nikki Brooks - Volte Face

20 minutes 08 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 932.4 MB

Nikki arrives home from a long and tiring day at work. She goes to her bedroom and changes out of her business clothes into leggings and a comfy shirt. Just as Nikki starts to unwind, she hears a sound. Is someone is in the house? The sound is not repeated and she ignores it, much to her detriment. The man surprises her and ties her up, tightening some rope around her breasts and applying a crotch rope, pulling on it to make Nikki react. By the time he sits his victim on a chair to tie her legs, Nikki discovers that she actually likes being tied up and asks the intruder to tie the ropes tighter. Surprised by her acquiescence, the man ties her tightly. He tape gags Nikki to keep her from raising the alarm while he goes in search of cash and valuables, even though by this time Nikki displays no desire to summon help or be freed. She lowers herself from the chair to the floor and waits for him to come back. When he does, she gestures for him to remove the gag. She thanks him and asks him if he is free to do this again on Saturday. Realizing his luck is in, the man enjoys a little sample up front and gropes Nikki's ample breasts. She does not mind at all and squirms in pleasure. When the man departs he does not bother to untie her, telling her to get herself free. This challenge does not distress Nikki at all.