Dangerous Misdeed Edited (MP4) - Paisley Prince & Tilly McReese

Dangerous Misdeed Edited (MP4) - Paisley Prince & Tilly McReese
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Paisley Prince & Tilly McReese - Dangerous Misdeed Edited
46 minutes 53 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,988.7 MB

A few years ago, we produced a custom that turned out to be around 90 minutes long. It was published in 3 parts to avoid size restrictions at that time. This video has now been edited down to around 46 minutes which has the advantage and making the action move along a lot faster. The video itself was enhanced as part of the process, correcting white balance, enhancing colors and deepening shadows.

Original Description:

Paisley and Tilly are at home and getting ready for work at Pergamon Defense Contractors after a weekend away. They are looking at the local newspaper and see a story about an office break-in where they work. The story says the place was ransacked and police are still investigating. The company maintains that nothing is missing, which they know can't be true because they brought home sensitive documents regarding a missile guidance system to prepare for an important upcoming meeting, totally against the rules. They are wondering how to return the documents without anyone realizing when an armed man enters the room, the same man who committed the break-in. He somehow seems to know they girls have the papers for the guidance system and demands to know where they are. Both Paisley and Tilly deny having any such document. The intruder does not believe them; expecting them to deny everything, he came equipped with a bag full of rope. He throws it down on the floor and orders Paisley to tie Tilly to her chair. Under duress, Paisley complies, only to suffer the same fate at the hands of the intruder once Tilly is secure. When the girls still refuse to give up the location of the papers, he gags them both and goes to search for them himself.

When the girls arrive home from work the next day, they are discussing the problems with trying to return the confidential documents to the safe at work without getting caught. The conversation turns to their ordeal the previous day, and they agree that while it was a scary experience, there are certain aspects of it which were not too bad. Tilly starts to talk about the ropes against her skin, the outfits they were wearing, the gag in her mouth, the feeling of being vulnerable. Paisley agrees but tries to keep the conversation on message - how to return those damned documents. Tilly sensible and tells her she should not have gotten so excited in a time of such danger. Suddenly, the bad guy resurfaces. It seems he has been lying in wait in their home all this time, and now he has overheard them talking about the documents. They can no longer deny that they have them. Now it's just a matter of getting them to talk. He produces rope as before, and this time he orders Tilly to tie up Paisley. Tilly has no choice but to comply. She ties up her friend, pulling the ropes tight as the man instructs. He is impressed by how thoroughly she ties Paisley. Now it is her turn - he ties Tilly up beside her friend in the same way, putting both girls in hogties before leaving to look for more cloth to gag them with. The girls talk about their predicament, what hope they is that they might escape, whether or not to tell the bad guy where the documents are. Once they are gagged, they gag talk and move themselves around so that each girl can tug her friend's gag out with her teeth. They stay quiet, realizing the bad guy is still somewhere in the house. They try to get back to back, not especially easy in a hogtie, and attempt to untie each others ropes. Even as they try to free themselves, despite the possible danger they are in, they still can't help but be a little excited about being trapped in bondage together.

Having the found the documents he was after, the bad guy decides to have a little fun with Paisley and Tilly, making them change into sexy clothes before taking them down to the basement of their house where he has positioned two chairs for them to sit on. This time, he forced Tilly to tie up her friend, binding wrists, ankles and thighs. The bad guy then does the same to Tilly before securing both girls to the chairs and gagging them. Now he can make a clean escape and the girls can't alert the authorities before he is well away and safe. Left alone at last, the two girls visibly relax. They manage to pull each others gag off using their teeth, and then while maneuvering their chairs back to back and trying to untie one another, they start to talk about how exciting it is to be tied up, and how it is something they ought to try out just for their own pleasure. Tilly manages to get herself free and turns to help her friend, or so it seems. Paisley gasps as she feels Tilly tighten the rope around her wrists instead of loosening it. She smiles encouragement, and Tilly reaches over to feel Paisley's breasts before reaching down to put a hand up the girl's skirt and rub her clitoris through her tights and panties. Pleased by Paisley's response, Tilly then sits on her bound friend's lap and begins kissing her.