The Danger Of Complacency (MP4) - Vika

The Danger Of Complacency (MP4) - Vika
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Vika - The Danger Of Complacency
23 minutes 09 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,072.2 MB

Vika arrives home chatting on the phone to a friend about a series of recent break-ins where the victims have been left tied up and gagged. Vika is dismissive of her friend's concerned as she locks the door, confident that such a thing could never happen to her. Moments later, a masked man emerges from behind a curtain and presses a cloth over her nose and mouth, holding it there until she sinks to the floor and stops moving. When she wakes, Vika finds herself in a hogtie and a gag in her mouth. She starts to struggle but she can't pull free of the ropes binding her. Each time she tries to straighten her legs, it pulls her hair which has also been included in the tying. The intruder tells her that he is going shopping, meaning that he is going to unburden her of her valuables. When he has completed his task, he uses the cloth on Vika once more while she is still tied up. Next time she recovers, she is in the garage where the intruder forces her to remove her top and shorts before tying her to a support pole. To complete the task, he makes Vika open her mouth so that he can stuff a pair of her used panties into it, sealing them in by wrapping duct tape over her mouth and around her head, including the pole, restricting her range of movement even further. He leaves Vika to struggle helplessly, waiting for her boyfriend to arrive to take her to the gym. She only hopes that he will think to check in the garage and not just leave when he finds the house empty. If that were to happen, she might be tied up here for days!