Waiting For The Buyer (MP4) - Madison Swan

Waiting For The Buyer (MP4) - Madison Swan
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Madison Swan - Waiting For The Buyer
20 minutes 54 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 971.2 MB

Madison has been captured by a trafficker. She is cuffed to the frame of a bed and can't get up. Tape covers her mouth to stop her calling for help. She has no idea what is happening. She desperately wants to escape but there is no way to get out of the cuffs locked tightly around her wrists and ankles. When he finally brings her some water, she is too intimated to ask any questions. Instead, she gratefully drinks before he re-gags her. The next morning, before going out to work for the entire day, the trafficker leaves her standing in a grimy garage, hands cuffed about her head, ankles wrapped in the padlocked chain, and a knotted cleave gag in her mouth. As the door closes, it finally hits Madison that she will be forced to stand there for hours. When she is informed that the man has a buyer for her but he can't make it until next week, she realizes this routine will be repeated many times in the days ahead.