False Pretenses (MP4) - Jessica

False Pretenses (MP4) - Jessica
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Jessica - False Pretenses
16 minutes 03 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 745.4 MB

Jessica arrives at a property she has listed for sale to show David, a potential buyer, around. She is only one minute into her spiel when David grabs her and presses a chemical-soaked cloth over her nose and mouth. Jessica struggles desperately but after only a few seconds she is forced to inhale, and soon lies motionless on the ground. When Jessica recovers, she has her hands tied behind her back, a rope tied around her waist, and a hobble rope tied around her ankles. David leads her by the waist rope into the woods, forcing her to keep moving despite the fact that she can only take small steps, her legs restricted by the rope around her ankles. When they have gone some distance, David finds a suitable tree and pushes the realtor against it. He doesn’t want to buy the house; rather, he just wants to take Jessica captive and keep her as his prisoner. Jessica has a cloth pushed in her mouth before a strip of silver duct tape is pressed over her cheeks, preventing her from spitting the cloth out. David walks away, planning to leave her there for a while. Left alone, Jessica struggles against her bonds, but she can't free her hands, and without that she does not stand a chance of escaping.